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Who are we???

We are Makkah International Company for Computers and Electronic Devices among the companies Altri working in the field of information technology and we have great news that made it one of the leading companies in computer and information systems in the State of Kuwait providing integrated solutions to institutions, bodies and companies wishing to develop their IT systems

Information Technology Department

The IT department oversees the installation and maintenance of computer network systems within a company with the supply and installation of computers and the processing of devices for work as a possible image

Maintenance and Installation Department

Installation and maintenance of all types of surveillance cameras Installation of the regular and advanced central system Installation of all types of sound systems Installation and operation of all types of devices for entry and exit and control of all concierge

Office Appliances & Accessories

The company supplies all kinds of desktop and cardboard devices and accessories with specifications
Adapted to the size and needs of work of photocopiers - printers - faxes - scanners - projectors - PABX - cameras
Monitoring - Attendance and departure devices - Barcode devices -

Department of Software Systems Design and Development

Web Design and Development with the Latest Technology
Installation of all types of systems for enterprise management
Medical Clinics - Educational Centers - Laboratories & Laboratories Electronic Billing Systems - Cashier Systems - Warehouse and Factory Management Systems

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